Anchorage schools are some of the most diverse in the nation, with more than 90 languages spoken by students in the district. Bartlett High School is a good example of that diversity.


In Stephen Stansbury’s second-period geometry class, students speak both English and Hmong daily. There are multiple languages and multiple lessons for students in class.


Student Lexi Rich-Adams says she loves math and Bartlett High School. Her mom attended Bartlett around the same time Mr. Stansbury transitioned from being an officer in the U.S. Army to a teacher in the classroom. Some of his students say Stansbury has taught their parents.


“I’ve been here 19 years. I have kids of nine of the parents I had when I first started teaching,” said Stansbury, adding that parent-teacher conferences are kind of like a reunion.


But it’s not all equations for Stansbury. He also coaches varsity girls basketball and has become a mentor to teens on and off the court.


“I cannot tell you how many questions you get as a teacher that have nothing to do with teaching,” he said.


Nothing to do with teaching, but all about life.


“You have to be true to who you are as a person,” Stansbury said.


Stansbury has been offered to go teach at other schools and places but says he’ll be staying at Bartlett for awhile.


“No, I’ll stay right here,” he said. “This feels like a good place to be, nice, home.”


Megan Mazurek sat in on Stansbury’s geometry class and his students said it was no surprise Stansbury was chosen as KTVA’s Teacher of the Week.


We gave him his KTVA certificate and his students gave Stansbury a big round of applause.


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