Linking verbs. Direct objects. Sixth-grade English isn’t easy. But Edward Bowden has a knack for keeping the kids interested.


He keeps it fun, and often times, funny. Ability aside, there’s one overwhelming force that truly drives the Anchorage Christian Schools teacher.


“They know that I love them,” said Bowden, who has been teaching for 20-plus years. “And I tell them I love them. I think children are very keen at picking up true love and they know true commitment and they respond to that.”


It’s family that likely led Mr. Bowden into the classroom. His mother and grandmother were both teachers before him. Now 31 years into his career, the extended family only continues to grow.


“When you talk about great teachers, I don’t necessarily feel like I’m a great teacher,” Bowden said. “But I do have a passion and I want to do a good job and I want the kids to do well.”


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