Special education takes a special kind of teacher.


KTVA’s Teacher of the Week, Kara Freeborn, teaches special education at Fire Lake Elementary School in Eagle River. Her students are autistic, but Freeborn says, like any other child, there’s potential to be unlocked.


When asked how she gets through to her students while also getting the best out of them at the same time, Freeborn’s answer was “acceptance.”


“You know, some kids don’t sit still, some kids have to stand when they write, some kids pace, some kids sing, some kids need music,” she said. “So, not putting them in a box and having a rigid day.”


Freeborn’s days require a significant amount of patience. She admits that’s her greatest strength.


“I always tell them, ‘It doesn’t have to be pretty, it doesn’t have to be what Miss Freeborn put on the board,'” she said. “It just has to be your best, you just have to try.”


She says what can happen next makes it all worth it.


“When I can find a way to tap into a different resource, to get some communication out, or feelings or answers I thought not possible, it’s amazing,” Freeborn said. “It’s amazing for everybody in the room.”



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