Kelly Hughes brings a bit of German culture to her students each and every day.


“German is hard. It’s a hard language to learn,” said Hughes, a German teacher at Bartlett High School. “I try to balance everything: Grammar, listening, reading, writing.”


Hughes says with the help of the Internet, the world is getting smaller. Teaching her students about another culture and language helps broaden their perspective.


“I think it’s the number one thing our entire country should be doing,” Hughes said. “We should all be learning a second language.”


Hughes was born in Germany and lived in the country for 10 years as an adult. Now, every two years, she takes a group of her students to Germany on a school trip. This year they’ll visit places like Frankfurt, Munich and Berlin to learn more about life and culture abroad.


Her hands-on approach is what her students say makes her a great teacher.


“Frau Hughes is very attentive,” said Xavior Love, a student at Bartlett High School. “She always knows what’s best for the kids and she has a way of connecting with them.”


Love will be traveling to Germany with Hughes in June. To help fundraise for the trip her students sell coffee drinks from an espresso machine a few days a week at Bartlett.



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