It’s not often an award-winning educator teaches a subject they grew up disliking.


Romig Middle School special education math teacher Wendy Jacobsen turned out to be an exception.


“I hated it. And then, suddenly, when I started teaching some lessons, it all clicked for me and I’m like, ‘I need to work with kids who don’t get math because I come from that same background,’” explained KTVA 11’s Teacher of the Week.


Although she wasn’t always fond of math, Jacobsen said she was always interested in teaching.


“I remember going into kindergarten, and that summer I taught my little brother everything I learned about kindergarten — so I knew from then on that I wanted to teach,” Jacobsen said.


Students said they appreciate her outgoing personality, dedication and patience.


“She’s cool and helps out a lot,” said eighth-grader Demari Kinnie. “She doesn’t really get mad when we kind of play around. She just tells us to basically calm down, then we basically go back to work.”


Now in her second year at Romig, Jacobsen has been teaching in Alaska for the past 10 years.


“I just try to remember that every student comes into my door with their own story that I know nothing about,” explained Jacobsen. “And so it’s my job to treat them with kindness and give them a sense of success throughout the day.”


Jacobsen is also one of two teachers who run the “Homework Help Club” in the afternoons at the middle school.


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