“Be better today than you were yesterday.” That is the mantra Richard Bivins has encouraged his students to live by for the last 25 years.


KTVA 11’s Teacher of the Week teaches social studies at Central Middle School of Science.


On Daybreak to receive his award Monday morning, Bivins compared history to a jewel.


“[History] has many different facets — you just don’t look for the winners. You talk about everyone who came in to play to make that story,” Bivins said. “Some are funny, some are sad, some are very exciting and some have long-term impact that we even see in today’s society.”


Bivins is now in his 18th year at Central Middle School. Before that, he taught in three different elementary schools in the Anchorage School District. He said he got the “teaching bug” when he was in college.


“I had some friends who said I was pretty good at talking and telling stories and things like that,” Bivins said. “Eventually, I learned I really, really liked the idea of not just American history, but world history. As I got through college I started to realize I actually had a knack for being a teacher as well.”


Bivins received numerous nominations for Teacher of the Week. He gave credit to his co-workers who have inspired him over the years.


“I’m inspired by a lot of what they bring to the table, meaning we can also talk about what we find interesting,” Bivins said. “And when we find something interesting we bring that back to my class every day.”



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