Well-rounded lessons lead to well-rounded students in Brad Mondeel’s fourth-grade classroom.


“These kids walking through your door, every year, every one of them is unique and different and special in their own way and they all learn differently,” Mondeel said. “If I’m just going to teach with one method, I’m not going to reach all of my kids.”


KTVA 11’s Teacher of the Week has taught fourth grade at Grace Christian School for 14 years. He uses hands-on lessons, songs and other creative methods to help make the subject matter relatable to his students.


Combined with his fun-loving personality, Mr. Mondeel’s classroom fosters an environment fit for learning.


“If the kids feel safe and they feel loved and the classroom atmosphere is one that is comfortable, you know, they’re going to ask more questions,” said Mondeel, an Alaska transplant who grew up on his family’s farm in Minnesota. “The more questions being asked, the more learning will be taking place.”


While academics are important, he also says he makes his students’ social and spiritual growth a priority.


“That’s my three rules: Love God. Love others. Love self. So that they learn how to live their life serving God, loving other people and putting other people first,” he said. “And then, remembering who they are and that they’re special and they’re unique and they can have confidence going out to make a difference in their world and be successful at what they’re doing.”



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