Kristen Ryder wears many hats; she’s a first-grade teacher, parent and expecting mom.


“They love to learn, they work really, really hard,” said Kristen Ryder of her students at Williwaw Elementary School. “They say the funniest things. I could probably write a book with some of the stuff that they say every day.”


Ryder is teaching her students social skills and making sure to give them a good foundation for the future. Her goal is to teach them to read, write in complete sentences and learn proper grammar. Ryder is also working on math and counting — subjects the students are picking up quickly.


Teaching comes naturally to Ryder, who says she developed the skill at an early age.


“I remember when I was little, my mom did at-home daycare, so I would play school with all the little daycare kids,” Ryder said. “I was one of those kids who loved to take extra school work home over the summertime.”


When Ryder found out she was chosen as Teacher of the Week, she teared up.


“I know there are so many great teachers out there,” she said. “But it’s nice to be recognized for all the hard work.”



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