Russell Hood has been teaching physics for 17 years and says he’s still learning something new every year and hopes his students see that too.


“I want them to see that I love to learn,” said Hood, a physics teacher at East Anchorage High School. “I’m still learning, and they should do the same with their life.”


Hood says he likes to “bring it” every day to class — and it’s that kind of energy and enthusiasm the students respond to.


“I like this class because when he teaches its not vague words,” said Allena Graciani, a physics student at East. “It’s in-depth and more of what the concept is, not just the definition.”


For example, to teach the students about the different types of energy and how it’s created, Hood has the students rotate in hands-on workstations.


“You’ve got to teach, you’ve got to educate, but you’ve got to entertain,” Hood said. If you don’t have the third one you’re going to miss a little bit, and the students will miss something in the process.”


His students say his sense of humor and ability to use real-life examples help too.


“He definitely relates things to real life not just, ‘This is what the textbook says,’” Graciani said.


Hood says there aren’t necessarily any secrets to his success, but he stresses “a passion for the subject, a passion to teach the kids and a lot of hard work, a lot of elbow grease.”



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