Tonight, a few observations on this the 31st anniversary of my 29th birthday.

Turning 60 is surprisingly liberating.

I’m outside the demo — in TV speak — which means advertisers don’t target me anymore, except for those 60 second drug ads that I usually don’t understand.

I’ve now lived more than half my life in Alaska.

From a reporter to news manager to business owner, and a part time musician on the side.

I’m not really sure when you go from being one of the youngest in the room to one of the oldest.

I might have known at one time, but I’ve forgotten. Another benefit of aging — selective memory.

I’m not as smart as I was at half my age. At 30, you know everything. Without question.

At 60, you question everything. I think that’s called wisdom. My dad had it, and I just hope it’s hereditary.

Suddenly, I’m older than the President. I’m older than Lisa Murkowski and Dan Sullivan. But I’m still younger than Don Young.

And yes, I went through all that just to say I’m younger than Young.

The one thing I’m certain of is that time passes more quickly with each passing year.

The pounds appear faster, along with the gray hair. Remarkably faster!

I’m still getting the hang of being a parent, and suddenly I’m a Grandparent.

But I still have the love of the woman who gave me my kids. Who could be luckier than that?

So to celebrate my 60th, I’m just going to be myself. Thank you to everyone who has made the last 60 years such a great ride. Speaking of riding. That sounds like a mighty fine idea.

Welcome to my midlife crisis.

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