Sarah Palin is the smartest politician in Alaska has ever produced. Surprised to hear me say that? Well, lets look at the evidence.

First of all, she served just over half a term as Governor.

Six years, seven books, a Fox News gig, and a new reality show later, Sarah Palin still makes headlines any time she speaks.

The fact is the more the media mocks Sarah, the more popular she becomes among supporters.

And sometime, she wins.

In 2010, the Oxford Dictionary named refudiate their word of the year. Take that media.

And she did it again, in her endorsement of Trump.

Here’s the point: Sarah recognized before anyone else that celebrity has value in politics beyond vocabulary and beyond experience.

Without Palin there would be no Trump.

But what really convinced me that Sarah belongs in the hall of fame was the 2015 report on Sarah PAC, her political action committee dedicated to supporting candidates who share her vision.

According to the Federal Election Commission, Sarah PAC spent nearly 1.4 million dollars in 2015.

Most of that, more than a million dollars, went to raising more money and on consultants to raise more money.

$66,000 dollars went to speechwriting. I can only assume they charged by the exclamation point.

And how much went to support candidates, the very reason for Sarah PAC? Less than $24,000.

While $120,000, 5 times as much, was spent on airfare, hotels and limos, for Sarah’s appearances.

Bottom line: You simply have to admire Sarah’s ability to parlay two and a half years in office into a brand that’s still paying big dividends seven years later.

And for that, Sarah Palin is the un-refudiate-able smartest politician ever from Alaska.

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