There are two kinds of people in America: those who believe that more guns make us safer, and those who believe the exact opposite.

You won’t find a lot of people on the fence.

Alaska is one of the gun-friendliest states in the country. So gun-friendly that lawmakers are now considering Senate Bill 174, a law to allow concealed firearms on University of Alaska campuses, taking away the authority of the Board of Regents to ban concealed weapons.

The bill’s sponsors see the University’s ban as a violation of the State’s Constitution, and say gun-free zones on campus led to attacks at other universities in the Lower 48. The Legislature did include four amendments to the bill at the University’s request, including the ability to restrict weapons in dorms, or when a student demonstrates a risk to themselves or to others.

But lawmakers drew the line at requiring students to get concealed carry permits, which would require criminal background checks. Permits are not required for those 21 or over in Alaska. And lawmakers denied the University’s request to ban concealed weapons from areas on campus whenever preschool and K-12 students are present.

As a result, the Board of Regents last Friday said it could not support the bill, and urged the governor and lawmakers to reject it.

I think no matter what side of the concealed handgun argument you’re on, we should at least expect some level of consistency.

For example, if lawmakers want to allow concealed weapons on a University campus where preschoolers and elementary students have gathered, why continue the restriction in our state’s public schools? Concealed weapons are currently restricted from Alaska’s schools, bars and courthouses.

Oh … and one more place.

That’s right. You cannot carry a concealed weapon into the Capitol building. Which leads me to wonder, why is this not a violation of the State’s Constitution?

So again, is it too much to ask for some consistency? Can we agree that if lawmakers want to eliminate gun-free zones from the halls of the University, they also eliminate gun-free zones from the halls of the Capitol?

If you stand behind the State Constitution, if you stand behind the second amendment, and if you believe that more guns make for a safer workplace, then lift the ban on concealed weapons in the State Capitol at the same time you lift it on college campuses.

It’s just one more simple amendment to Senate Bill 174.

To allow guns at the University while shielding yourself would be … what’s the word the Mat-Su Frontiersman used?

“Alaska Legislature hypocritical when it comes to gun laws.” (March 17, 2016)

Hmmm … I was going to say inconsistent.

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