Quick, name your favorite dancer.

Baryshnikov? Michael Jackson? Beyonce? Let me add one more name to the list — Ted Sadtler.

What Sadtler lacks in style, he more than makes up for with enthusiasm.

Sadtler says the dance opens the door. It’s his calling card. And yes, he’s used the calling card to sell a lot of mattresses.

What you may not know is that the dance was 60 years in the making. Sadtler spent a lifetime in the competitive furniture business; he made it big and lost it big.

He founded Sadler’s Home Furnishings and says he sold it because he wasn’t prepared to run such a large operation.

Sadtler tried his hand in Washington State, but nothing caught on. At 60 years old — when many that age are looking toward retirement — Sadtler came up with the idea of the Mattress Ranch.

In 2004, he opened his store in Anchorage, and started to dance.

Watching a 6 foot 9 inch, scarecrow of a man dance captured a lot of attention; including the admiration of two young girls fighting Cystic Fibrosis.

Sadtler made the decision to make their fight, his fight.

Then along came other charities — United Way, March of Dimes, Food Banks, the Alaska Humane Society and many more.

Today, Sadtler commits 25 percent of his advertising budget, not to promoting mattresses, but promoting causes. Sadtler says he doesn’t know the value of all the air time he’s donated to charity. He said he’s never really thought about it.

Meanwhile, he has quietly donated more than 800 mattresses to Boys and Girls Clubs throughout Alaska, with a commitment to deliver 1,000 of them to 27 communities before he’s done.

He is also donating and delivering 50 mattresses to Mongolia.

Sadtler says he didn’t always think this way. According to him, he didn’t get it until he was 60 years old and started dancing.

Giving back he says is good for business and good for the heart.

And that is why Ted Sadtler is one of my favorite dancers.

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