I haven’t weighed in on the presidential race over the past year for a couple of reasons.

First of all, I find it hard to believe that anybody is undecided in this election, nor do I believe that I, nor KTVA should start endorsing candidates.

But to ignore the events of the last week and the impact on the election is just not possible. Donald Trump’s open-mic exchange 11 years ago about his entitlement to grope women has changed the race.

There’s no need to repeat it.

It was the straw that broke the GOP’s back. Alaskan Sens. Lisa Murkowski and Dan Sullivan, joined two dozen of their Republican colleagues in not only dropping their support of Trump, but calling for him to withdraw from the race. Even his running mate, Gov. Mike Pence, canceled an appearance with Speaker Paul Ryan last weekend, refusing to defend Trump at the height of the storm. Many, including Sullivan, are now calling for Pence to replace Trump at the top of the ticket.

Supporters of Trump have long blamed the main-stream media for his troubles, and there may be some truth to that.

Late night talk show comedians have been merciless. Twenty-four-hour cable news operations have breathlessly reported every midnight Trump tweet. But that doesn’t explain the fact that not a single major U.S. newspaper has endorsed Trump, including the conservative Arizona Republic and most recently the Christian Science Monitor.

Neither publication has endorsed a Democrat in more than a century.

This election is an important one. It will likely determine the direction of the U.S. Supreme Court for a generation. Many Alaskans have concerns about a Hillary Clinton presidency, after what they see as increased federal overreach in the past 8 years when it comes to resource development and access to public lands.

But even in Alaska, the race between Trump and Clinton is closer than any presidential race in modern history. A poll released by the Murkowski campaign shows Clinton just three points behind and that was before Trump’s most recent scandal.

How unpopular are both Trump and Clinton? An Alaska Dispatch poll indicates that Libertarian Gary Johnson leads both of them with voters under the age of 40.

Trump stoked Republican anger to win his party’s nomination. And today, Republicans have every right to be angry. If they don’t reclaim the White House, they have only one person to blame.

And his name is Donald Trump.

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