America will swear in a new commander in chief Friday.

The ceremony in Washington, D.C. is intended to demonstrate, once again, that a peaceful transition of power is central to our democracy.

However, many members of Congress now say they will boycott the inauguration.

When Georgia Rep., and civil rights icon, John Lewis said he did not consider Donald Trump’s presidency to be legitimate because of Russian interference in the election, it set off the predictable backlash from Mr. Trump, who not only insulted Lewis, but also his constituency. The president-elect once again surrendering the high ground because of a genetic reflex to rise to any bait.

The Russians did not elect Donald Trump. When it comes to influence, the bizarre behavior of FBI Director James Comey, and the media’s penchant for reporting on Trump’s personality instead of his policies, had a much bigger impact.

Is Donald Trump’s election legitimate? There is absolutely nothing to indicate otherwise. Is he qualified to be President? Unquestionable. He’s a natural born U.S. citizen over the age of 35.

Is he fit to be president? That is the big question, and like every other person who has held the office, can’t be answered until he makes some real decisions as commander in chief.

But it does give me pause, when his top aide asks us why we take Donald Trump at face value. Kellyanne Conway says the press should report what’s in Trump’s heart rather than what comes out of his mouth.

Well, he’s the President of the United States now, and what he says matters. I believe his record of tweets do give us a better picture of what’s in his heart than all of the post-tweet damage control attempted by his aides.

The fact is, the man with his finger on the button should not have so many buttons of his own so easy to push.

And as a man who questioned his predecessors legitimacy as president over a trumped up birther controversy, the president-elect is living in a glass house.

Still, the statement of Rep. John Lewis was ill-advised. If the Russians really want to destabilize America, Lewis played right into their hands.

Donald Trump will be the legitimate 45th president of these United States. The second toughest job in the world.

What’s the toughest? That would be Donald Trump’s press secretary, as long as the president has a Twitter account.

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