A 32-year-old Kodiak man was arrested after he barricaded himself in his apartment and tried to bribe an Alaska State Trooper to let him go by offering the officer $100, authorities say.

Billy Yovino, Jr., 32, was arrested for bribery, seven counts of reckless endangerment and two counts of fourth-degree weapons misconduct, according to an online dispatch.

Around 3 a.m. Friday, a woman contacted troopers about Yovino — her neighbor — and said the man was “intoxicated, in possession of two firearms and was banging on her apartment door,” the dispatch says.

When troopers arrived at the apartment building, Yovino retreated into his residence and refused to leave. AST asked for backup from the Kodiak Police Department, and the two groups tried to negotiate with the 32-year-old. Seven people at the complex were also evacuated.

While the negotiation was going on, Yovino admitted to having firearms and “was actively consuming alcohol,” according to the dispatch.

About two and a half hours after the neighbor reported Yovino’s alleged disruptive behavior, the man surrendered peacefully. He was found to have a rifle and 12-gauge shotgun in his possession.

Before being taken to the Kodiak jail, Yovino “offered to bribe a State Trooper by requesting to let Yovino go free in exchange for $100,” troopers wrote.