Updated June 4, 10:45 a.m.

The Fairbanks Police Department has released new images in its search for several people connected to a mid-May homicide.

The pictures were taken from surveillance video footage, recorded over a 24-hour period at different locations around the Bentley Mall and the Rock ‘n Rodeo bar, according to FPD.

Anyone who can identify the people in these images should contact FPD Detective Malloy at ajmalloy@ci.fairbanks.ak.us or 907-450-6557, police say, and local business owners are encouraged to check their surveillance video.


Updated May 26, 5:15 p.m.

Fairbanks police have released video from the May 17 homicide of John D. Kavairlook, Jr.

FPD is seeking the public’s help in identifying the three men shown in the video below — sought in connection with the events surrounding Kavairlook’s death.

Anyone who can identify the individuals in the video is asked to contact FPD Detective Malloy at ajmalloy@ci.fairbanks.ak.us or 907-450-6557.

May 19 Update

Fairbanks police are calling for witnesses to come forward with any information they have after a 23-year-old was shot multiple times and killed in a parking lot adjacent to the Rock n Rodeo bar in Fairbanks early Sunday morning.

Police say the victim, John D. Kavairlook, Jr., and another male were fighting inside the Old Steese Highway bar when they were escorted outside by security,” according to a release from the Fairbanks Police Department.

The fight escalated again in the parking lot at around 2:30 a.m., the release says. Three additional males joined the altercation, and one of them fired multiple shots at Kavairlook. He was struck several times and was pronounced dead at the scene.

Tuesday, the City of Fairbanks and FBD held a press conference regarding the shooting. There, Mayor John Eberhart admitted that he assured Kavairlook’s wife, mother to the victim’s 3-week-old daughter, that “police would not stop investigating until we had caught those responsible,” according to an FPD release.

“Somebody in this town knows who did this terrible crime and we need you to do the right thing,” Eberhart says.

After the shooting, it is believed all four males fled the scene together in a vehicle. Police are asking for the public’s help in identifying the male Kavairlook had the initial altercation with. He is described as a “darkly complected” male, somewhere between 5’8? and 5’11” in height and 200-230 pounds in weight. Police say the suspect has a “stocky build and closely cut short hair.” He was wearing all dark clothing and black shoes — one of which came off during the fight and the man retrieved later.

FPD detective Alana Malloy is encouraging anyone with information to come forward.

“Several witnesses I have spoken to had not contacted me because they believed someone else had already provided the same information,” said Malloy. “We are getting great leads from the public, please keep those coming in and do not assume that the police department already has the same information that you do.”

Anyone with information on this incident is asked to call Malloy at 907-450-6557. Tips can also be called in anonymously to Crime Stoppers at 456-2853. Additionally, anyone with surveillance footage from the area is asked to call FPD.

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