An Anchorage man has been convicted of second-degree murder for stabbing his uncle to death last year.

On Aug. 6, 2014, Anchorage police were called to a residence on North Park Street for a report of a stabbing. When they arrived, they found the defendant, 39-year-old Ralph Nayokpuk, sitting outside on the phone with the 911 dispatcher.

Officers noted blood on his hands and pants, and Nayokpuk told an officer, “I’m so sorry that I did this, I hope he’s OK.” They found his uncle, Ronald Mullins, on the ground outside the residence with multiple stab wounds. He was taken to a nearby hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Nayokpuk reportedly made several “spontaneous” comments, like, “I did not think I hurt him that bad, but evidently I did,” and “Oh my God, I hope I did not kill my uncle.” He later admitted to stabbing his uncle during an argument inside. He said he did not know how many times he had stabbed Mullins.

Mullins’ girlfriend, referred to as E. Costa in court documents, was upstairs with Mullins before the stabbing. She said they heard Nayokpuk come home and “begin throwing things around the house downstairs,” court records show. They went downstairs and she headed outside. A few moments later, she heard Mullins yell for her and found Nayokpuk over him, stabbing him as he lay on the floor. She said she thinks Mullins was able to get up and go outside.

Mullins’ mother, Alma Mullins, was also at the residence when the stabbing occurred, according to court records, and told police Nayokpuk got mad at his uncle because he told him he was going to call the police. After Nayokpuk stabbed his uncle with a butcher knife two or three times, she was able to stop him from stabbing him further.

Nayokpuk is scheduled to be sentenced on April 15, 2016.

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