Anthony Sierra

Anthony Sierra. PHOTO: Anchorage Police Department

ANCHORAGE — The Anchorage Police Department has obtained an arrest warrant for at least one suspect involved in a crime spree in East Anchorage on Friday.

Police said in a statement that a group of three suspects, including 20-year-old Anthony Sierra, were responsible for kidnapping, assault and theft.

On Muldoon Road, the group first picked up a man who owed Sierra money. Once he was inside the vehicle, they physically assaulted him, trapping him inside by engaging the child safety locks on the car door. At one point, police said Sierra pointed a gun at the victim and threatened him with it.

The group then drove with the victim to the area of Turpin Street and Boundary Avenue and picked up another male. They drove a short distance and then attacked the second man, stole some of his belongings and kicked him out of the vehicle, according to police. They drove away with the first victim still inside the vehicle.

The suspects drove to an apartment building on the 2900 block of E. 84th Avenue and forced him to knock on the door of what police called “the target home.” When the residents answered the door, Sierra and one of the other suspects forced their way in and held their original victim and the five residents of the apartment at gunpoint and stole several items.

All three suspects fled the apartment without the original victim, at which point the police were notified, according to a statement from police. Police say none of the residents in the apartment were injured.

Anchorage police obtained a warrant for Sierra’s arrest and filed several charges against him, including one count of kidnapping, six counts of third-degree assault, six counts of first-degree robbery, one count of fourth-degree assault, nine counts of second-degree theft, four counts of third-degree theft and two counts of fourth-degree theft.

Police said they would like to speak with the second victim who was released near Turpin Street and Boundary Avenue. Anyone with information on the suspects or their actions Friday is asked to call police at 786-8900.

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