Two people have been charged after a stabbing and attempted kidnapping in East Anchorage early-Tuesday morning.

According to a release from the Anchorage Police Department, a publicly unidentified woman was headed to the home of Brandon Kendrick, 25, and Falesha Taylor, 28, to gather her things when the incident began to unravel.

The woman was parked along a street in the area of East 43rd Avenue and McClean Place when Kendrick began assaulting her through the window of her vehicle, police said. At some point, Taylor also began to assault the woman.

Shortly before 1 a.m. police dispatch received a phone call from the woman, but Kendrick hung up the phone, police said. The woman then reached for a knife and stabbed Taylor. Then Kendrick stabbed the woman, placed a bandana around her neck to gag her, and tied her hands together with a cloth.

When officers responded to the area they found Kendrick standing outside of the black Nissan Pathfinder. Taylor and the woman were inside of the SUV and shouted that they’d both been stabbed, APD explained.

Both women were taken to local hospitals for treatment and were later released.

Kendrick and Taylor face attempted kidnapping and assault charges.