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Anchorage Police Department spokesperson Renee Oistad said Trayvon Morrissette was charged in connection with the death of 30-year-old Jorge Rea-Villa at a home on Lore Road Monday night.

Witnesses who had gathered at the home to celebrate the Fourth of July identified Morrissette as the man who shot Rea-Villa multiple times, according to a statement from Oistad.

“The witnesses said Morrissette and Rea-Villa knew each other but they did not know why Morrissette would have shot Rea-Villa,” she wrote.

Morrissette fled the home, but roughly an hour later, police received a call that a person matching his description had broken into an apartment on West 76th Avenue and locked the resident out, according to Oistad. She said Morrissette fled when police arrived and allegedly attempted to break into multiple homes in the area, based on calls to police.

Oistad said he was later found hiding in a stairwell on the 7400 block of Foxridge Way around 10:30 p.m.

Police charged Morrissette with first-degree murder and burglary, Oistad said. He is being held at the Anchorage Correctional Complex under a bail of $500,000 with a requirement for a third-party custodian.

The father of the victim, Jorge Rea, was in the courtroom Tuesday during Morrissette’s arraignment urging the judge to give Morrissette a high bail. Rea said he wanted to keep criminals off the street and told reporters outside the courtroom that while he didn’t hate Morrissette, he thought he should pay for his crime.

“I don’t hate him at all. Why should I hate him?” Rea said. “He made a mistake, he has to pay for it. It’s what I wanted. I have no hard feelings against him but he has to pay for what he did.”

Rea went on to say he thought his son was “set up.” He said his son had information about drug deals in the city as well as a murder and that he had told his father that someone was looking for him and that he feared for his life.

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The Anchorage Police Department is investigating a shooting death that occurred Monday night. It was the fourth homicide over the Fourth of July holiday weekend. A suspect has been taken into custody, police said.

Police found the body of a man in a trailer home on Lore Road at 7:44 p.m. while responding to a report of a shooting, according to a statement from APD spokeswoman Renee Oistad. The man had suffered multiple gunshot wounds, she added.

Police at the scene told KTVA there was a party at the home before the shooting. They said it appears the suspect and victim knew each other.

Police said this wasn’t the first time they’ve been dispatched to the home. Another shooting at the same home was reported in May, but no one was killed during that incident.

In another shooting on Saturday night, a woman died and a man was hospitalized. There has been no update on the man’s condition or the investigation into the shooting.

KTVA 11’s Daniella Rivera and Lauren Maxwell contributed to this report.

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