While mystery surrounds what led to two people being killed in Valley of the Moon Park early Sunday, a clearer picture is emerging of one of the victims. Bryant De Husson, who was known by friends as Brie, was described as a fierce advocate for human rights.

De Husson did not identify solely with either gender and preferred to be referenced using the pronouns “they” and “them.” They attended West Anchorage High School before traveling across the world. Their father said they were fascinated by agriculture, and went to Europe to learn more about it.

“He is going to be completely, solely, immensely missed,” said Gordon De Husson.

Brie De Husson was actively involved in the “Occupy” movement in Anchorage five years ago. Gordon De Husson said they were a proud advocate for a number of issues.

Gordon De Husson said he and Brie De Husson’s friends are counting on police to solve the crime.

“They will watch this with open eyes and hope that this is handled with [a] professional level,” Gordon De Husson said.

He said like others, he was not sure what happened early Sunday. Moreover, he did not know whether Brie De Husson knew the other victim, 34-year-old Kevin Turner.

“I believe he ran into an incident in which either he intervened or he witnessed and became nothing more than a casualty of a senseless murder by a coward,” he said of Brie De Husson.

A memorial service is planned for Brie De Husson Thursday evening at Westchester Lagoon.

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