Are you looking for a new way to stay in tip-top shape for all your outdoor adventures?

If so, then this week’s Get Out is just for you. I recently went on a physical, mental and spiritual journey and found yoga.

“We spend a lot more time sitting than we ever have in our entire lives. So this yoga practice is designed to get people moving in ways that kind of reawaken aspects of their body we lost touch with,” said Kim Greeff, owner and instructor at Evolve Yoga.

Yoga can be challenging in the beginning.

“Getting off your couch is the hardest part,” said participant Jennifer Mayer.

Eventually, though, it can feel like finding the fountain of youth, Greeff said.

“Once you get past that learning curve it starts to be an empowering practice. You’ll find that you’re building strength and connection that you maybe lost after a little while or that you use to have as a kid,” she said. “We see people doing things that they haven’t done since they were 10 or 12 years old.”

Who doesn’t want to feel like a kid again?

On this day, we are trying a practice called Forrest Yoga.

“Forrest Yoga is a little bit longer with the holds, with more focus on staying present and a lot of strength building,” Greeff said.

The benefits, however, are well worth it.

“More and more people are turning to yoga for a lot of their health ailments. They’re going to yoga to feel better,” Greeff said. “They’re seeing their friends and family feel better. They want that too. So it’s kind of a very popular thing right now.”

It’s a big reason why Mayer started practicing.

“I feel stronger; I feel mentally clearer and I really love the people,” she said. “And the community.”

If you are looking to reinvigorate yourself and escape these gray days, you should give yoga a go too.

For more information on Evolve Yoga you can find them on the web or on Facebook.

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