A Delta Junction woman was assaulted for hours in her own home over the weekend, according to a graphic affidavit written by the investigating Alaska State Trooper. The suspect in the case is 55-year-old David Bucci, who troopers say admitted to the crime.

Trooper Melvin Colley said in his affidavit that the victim arrived at the Delta Junction trooper post Sunday afternoon, and he immediately noticed a number of injuries. She reported an hours-long assault by Bucci, during which she said she genuinely feared for her life.

The victim said the assault began late Friday night and lasted more than eight hours into Saturday. She said Bucci bound her, and hit, punched and strangled her multiple times, Colley stated in his affidavit. He would periodically drag her through her home, causing a large rug burn on her back and neck, according to Colley.

At one point, the victim said Bucci forced her to call a close family member who lived out of state, and ordered her to say goodbye because he was going to kill her. While the phone was ringing, Bucci stood over her with a log, threatening to bash her head with it if she told her family member about the assault, the victim told Colley. He also threatened to cut her with a knife.

“[The victim] was so sore after being assaulted that she had to be carried to the bathroom for the rest of Saturday,” Colley outlined in his affidavit.

When Colley and another Alaska State Trooper went to the victim’s home, Bucci admitted to everything, including his plan to kill her and himself, according to Colley. Along with the assault, Bucci confessed to stealing her belongings “to keep her from it,” Colley wrote, as well as destroying her computer. Bucci also destroyed her phone during the assault, Colley noted.

Bucci was arrested and taken to the Fairbanks Correctional Center, where he was booked under 16 charges, including kidnapping, second-degree sexual assault, second-, third- and fourth-degree assault, fourth-degree criminal mischief, third-degree theft and violating a protective order. He was arraigned Monday afternoon, but bail information was not immediately available.

In his online dispatch report of the assault, Colley noted that the victim was treated for her injuries, which he described as not life-threatening.