“Mother Nature has smiled on us and we now have real snow and we’re also happy to have it back. You know winter has started again and here we go,” said Margaret Timmerman the recreation programmer with Anchorage Parks and Recreation Department.

I always have my skis nearby and have made my way to Kincaid Park for a beginner skate ski lesson organized by Anchorage Parks and Rec.

“Classic skiing is where you use the two little grooves cut in the snow and it’s a forward motion,” Timmerman said. “Skate skiing is much like ice skating. You’re lifting your heel and pushing your foot forward and pushing the ski forward.”

The municipality has lessons for both kinds of cross-country skiing during winter. The lessons are a good idea if you’ve never skied, or in Rachel Silverstein’s case, are a great way to get some tips.

“I tried skiing just a couple times on my own and I felt like I wasn’t quite getting it,” she said. “Just wanted to get some tips from someone who knew what they were doing.”

Silverstein said the lesson helped, and one exercise in particular really sped up the learning process.

“So we put one ski in the classic track and then just push off of the other side,” Silverstein said. “Yeah, that really helped me get the feel of how to push off your skis.”

Skate skiing is a great aerobic workout and one of the faster ways to get around Anchorage’s trails.

“Just feeling more confident on my skis and being a little better prepared to go out on the trails on my own,” Silverstein said.

Now that we finally have some snow again, it’s time to get out and enjoy the trails on skis.

The muni offers cross-country ski lessons for $25 and you can go to this link for lesson times and how to sign up.

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