The general manager of The Bicycle Shop, on Northern Lights Boulevard, said other local businesses should be on the lookout for a man who attempted to break into the shop Tuesday morning. Surveillance footage shows a man using a crowbar to try to pry open the front door of the business.

“The doors looks like you could pry it open easily. But lucky for us, it’s a pretty well made door and it held up,” said Ray Clayton, the store’s general manager.


The shop is located in midtown Anchorage. Clayton said the area has been hit by more attempted break-ins and burglaries lately.

“We, as a community, need to start paying attention and really stand up and start doing something about it,” said Clayton.

The Anchorage Police Department said commercial burglaries are up this year compared to 2015. However, the agency did not provide specific statistics.

“The police are busy with a lot of other things — and these are kind of petty things — but they are still happening to businesses and it costs us money,” said Clayton.

The would-be thief caused roughly $300 in damage to The Bicycle Shop.

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