On the Sunday, May 24 episode of Frontiers, we remember banker Dan Cuddy for his pioneer role in shaping Alaska’s economic landscape.

Cuddy became president of First National Bank Alaska at the age of 32 – a patriarchal figure who took personal interest in loaning money to small businesses.

Margy Johnson, Vice President of Alaska Dispatch News, who serves on the board of FNBA was our guest on Frontiers, along with Marc Langland, the chairman of the board for Northrim Bank.

Any discussion of Cuddy’s legacy easily turns into a larger conversation about the challenges of bringing financial services to a remote state like Alaska, which host Rhonda McBride continues in this web extra.

Rhonda also asks Johnson and Langland to compare Alaska’s economic crash of the 1980’s, a period marked by record low oil prices to today’s multi-billion dollar state budget shortfalls, also brought on by a plunge in the market.

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