A Ketchikan man was arrested in Colorado for attempting to kill his wife while visiting the area over the holiday weekend, according to a release from the Boulder Country Sheriff’s Office. screen-shot-2016-12-26-at-10-20-11-am

In a Dec. 25 release, the sheriff’s office wrote that Rodney David Burba Jr., 34, was a passenger in a vehicle, which his wife was driving, near the town of Lyons, on Christmas Eve.

The couple decided to drive to Estes Park, a town at the base of Rocky Mountain National Park, for the day.

“While the couple was traveling north of Lyons, Rodney became anxious and agitated, and consumed several pieces of edible marijuana gum,” the release stated. “Rodney asked his wife to call the police, as he believed he was going to pass out, but she was unable to as there was no cell service in the area.”

As the couple neared Lyons, Burba is accused of grabbing the steering wheel, more than once, in an attempt to crash the vehicle.

“Based upon the conversation and interactions in the vehicle, Mrs. Burba believed Rodney intended to try and kill them both through a head-on collision or by causing the vehicle to drive over a cliff,” the sheriff’s office wrote.

Burba’s wife was eventually able to call 911.

Burba was taken into custody in Boulder County and charged with attempted second-degree murder, obstruction of telephone, reckless endangerment and littering.

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