Employees at the Nutz Gadget store in midtown Anchorage are frustrated. Early Saturday morning, thieves burglarized the business for the third time in less than six months. Thankfully, the store’s security cameras captured the entire incident.

In the footage, two people can be seen approaching the store and breaking a hole in the front door’s glass. One appears to try to open the door by sticking an arm inside, but fails. The pair leaves the storefront, only to return a few minutes later. Then, one of them forces himself through the hole in the glass. He smashes two display cases and grabs an estimated $1,000 to $1,500 worth of products before leaving.

“They just grabbed it and left,” said Atina Pou, the store’s manager, who added that the man was inside the building for only about one minute.

Nutz Gadget store repairs small electronic devices and sells accessories for them. Pou said that is likely why it is a target.

“They already know this is all electronics. It’s easy money, fast money, and they can get the money on the street right away,” Pou said.

The display cases were filled with portable cellphone chargers and Amazon Echo devices. The store was also burglarized in September and November of 2016. Pou said no one was arrested in those cases, and he is not confident the suspects in the most recent case will be either.

“I would say 50-50. I’m not really sure,” he said. “For now, I just don’t want to think about that. I just think about what is good for my business to keep running.”

The store has a number of security measures in place. There are metal bars on the front door, although the man still managed to squeeze through them. There are six high-quality cameras on the interior and exterior of the building. Finally, an alarm system alerts police when there is a break-in.

Anchorage police said they have not made any arrests in the case and they do not have descriptions for the suspects. In Saturday’s footage, it appears the suspect who entered the store is a male wearing a heavy blue jacket.

Pou had a message for anyone who knows who the suspects are.

“Please report it to police. If they don’t report it, it’s going to keep going and going,” Pou said. “It’s not even going to be my store. It’s going to be another store.”

Pou had an optimistic attitude Monday morning. He wanted to make it clear that Nutz Gadget will remain open while repairs take place.

“Think about positives. No more negatives,” he said.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Anchorage police at 907-786-8900.

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