The Anchorage Fire Department is looking for the people who set fire to a truck in a church parking lot over the weekend.

A witnesses captured video of the burning truck in the parking lot of St. Patrick’s Parish Catholic church on Muldoon Road.

He told police he watched two vehicles, including a Toyota Tundra pickup truck, pull into the church parking lot a little after 1 a.m. on Saturday. The witness said the suspects lit the Toyota on fire, then took off in another vehicle.

Arson investigator Brian Dean said the city has seen a number of vehicle fires this year.

“We’ve had about 40 odd vehicle fires that have happened since the first of the year, but only a small percentage of those are what we suspect are arson or intentionally set fires,” Dean said. “Maybe five or six of them since the beginning of the year.”

Dean said anyone with information about this case or others should contact the Anchorage Police Department at 907-786-8900.

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