Xeryus Tate may be gone, but his mother made his presence felt during Tuesday’s sentencing of the 17-year-old’s killer.

Aleaka Tate brought her son’s ashes into the courtroom as she addressed now 18-year-old Deandrew Walker-Webster II at the Nesbitt Courthouse.

Tate made it clear she is not happy with the one to three years in prison Walker-Webster could serve under a plea deal.

“It’s not fair your honor. Justice has to be served,” Tate exclaimed. “He’s looking at one to three years. I got more that than for a DWI. He killed a human being, my son, my 17-year-old son your honor.”

Walker-Webster admitted to firing the gun from the backseat of the car Tate drove last August. He originally blamed two white men for the crime, but later confessed and apologized in a Facebook video he posted before surrendering to police.

Tate’s mother recalled how her son’s death recently affected her, saying, “It’s not fun to watch all the other kids walking the walk with their caps and gowns, and this is what I get for graduation.”

Walker-Webster sat silent during the hearing. He will get a chance to address the victim’s family when the sentencing hearing continues Wednesday.

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