A storm blew through Ketchikan Wednesday night, wreaking havoc around town and severely damaging the roof of one woman’s home.

Kristin Gilliard, a single mom with two kids and an iguana, called her boss at Vigor Alaska, which operates the Ketchikan Shipyard, to tell him she wouldn’t be at work after the storm rolled through and blasted her roof off. Gusts approached 100 mph, the Ketchikan Daily News reported, downing trees and causing power outages in the area.

Her boss brought dozens of her co-workers to her house to fix the roof, and they took the day off to help with repairs. One of the worker’s wives says Gilliard is still in shock at the generosity of her community.

“I really think she thought she was going to be out in the street,” said Rosie Roppel. “When I went out there this morning with all the sandwiches, she was sitting on the back of a pickup truck saying, ‘I can’t believe this, I can’t believe all these people helping me.’”

Vigor donated all the supplies used to fix Gilliard’s home. She says she must have good karma. Gilliard just organized a community garage sale for needy families in Ketchikan.