A still from a Snapchat video that appears to show a child use a stun gun on a kitten, as another child looks on. CBS AFFILIATE WJAX

Nassau County, Fla. — Officials are investigating a video that appears to show a child using a stun gun on a kitten, as another child looks on, reports CBS affiliate WJAX.

In the video, which was originally recorded using the social media app Snapchat, the kitten can be seen scampering away after one of the kids bends down and holds what appears to be a stun gun to its body.

The video was turned over to Nassau County Animal Services on Thursday morning. Officers believe the video was recorded in the town of Yulee, Florida.

“For one, they shouldn’t have had a Taser, and to tase a kitten or anyone for no reason, that’s cruel,” Nassau County Animal Services Director Timothy Maguire said in an interview with WJAX.

Maguire said citizens have helped authorities identify the kids in the video, and that the case has been turned over to the county sheriff’s office, though it’s not clear whether or not the children have been charged. Nor is it clear if the kitten sustained any injuries.

“The damage is done, not only physically, but mentally to that cat,” Higham said.

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