The early spring heat continues to break new records statewide, this time it’s in Fairbanks.

Since 1974, the National Weather Service (NWS) has monitored the exact day the leaf buds on birch and aspen trees turn green on the Chena Ridge in Fairbanks.

After seven straight days with temperatures in the 60s, the buds popped out Tuesday, making April 26 the official Green Up Day of 2016 — the earliest ever recorded.

The previous record was April 29. Last year, green up didn’t happen until May 3rd.

The Tanana Valley Watershed Association (TVWA) and ThrivAlaska hold a Green Up Day contest. They issue 1,000 tickets for $5 each. The tickets of anyone who guessed the correct day are put into a drawing and a random winner is selected.

The winner earns 10,000 Alaska Airlines Miles.

Bryn McElroy, the executive director for TVWA, says proceeds from the raffle are used to develop outdoor playground models of watersheds that help connect kids to nature.

The winner of the contest will be announced on Arbor Day, May 16.

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