The weather across Southcentral Alaska didn’t disappoint for the final weekend of August, with warm and sunny conditions throughout the region.

Anchorage recorded a high temperature of 77 degrees on Sunday, Aug. 28 — something that’s never been done so late in the season. Previously, the latest a temperature of 77 degrees was recorded in Anchorage on Aug. 20, 1977, according to National Weather Service climate statistics.

Temperatures of 75 and 76 degrees have never been recorded later than Aug. 24 and 25, respectively.

The high temperature on Sunday also beats the old daily record of 70 degrees set in 1974.

Saturday was a record-breaking day in Anchorage too, with the temperature warming to 73 degrees. This surpassed the previous daily record high temperature of 69 degrees set in 1993.

With high temperatures forecast in the low 70s for Monday afternoon, another record will likely be broken. The record high temperature for Aug. 29 is 70 degrees, which was recorded in 2007.

Temperatures are expected to cool a few degrees throughout the work week, but conditions will remain sunny and warmer than normal.

Temperature records in Anchorage began in 1953.

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