The thermometer at Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport reached 70 degrees on Wednesday for the first time this year. It’s the warmest temperature reached in Anchorage since early September 2016.

This comes later than last summer’s first 70 degree reading, which happened on May 15. Many other spots in Southcentral Alaska also warmed into the 70s on Wednesday.

Talkeetna was the warmest, officially reporting at 73 degrees. Temperatures on Thursday will be even warmer for Anchorage and the Mat-Su, with widespread 70s in the forecast.

Although Anchorage’s first 70 degree reading comes later than last year, it’s still earlier than normal. On average, Anchorage records it’s first 70 degree temperature of the summer months around June 7. However, this date continues to trend earlier than in past decades, when the date occurred later in June.

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