Scott Patterson is from Anchorage — graduated from South High School in 2010, and earned a degree in mechanical engineering at the University of Vermont. He works for Coffman Engineers in Anchorage and a skier at Alaska Pacific University (APU). He recently took first place at the 50k skate ski in Fairbanks U.S. National Championships.




Last year, he decided to run Mount Marathon for the first time. He was second to the top, but his downhill was a little rough.


“I twisted my ankle going down the snow and then fell three or four more times,” he remembers. “I ended up just cruising on in.”


He finished fourth and knew he had to come back.


“It’s definitely addicting,” he said.


This summer, he set a new record on the Government Peak race and won Bird Ridge.


He says skiing and mountain climbing have more in common than you might think.




“You walk up this, and you are definitely burning your legs, but, we burn our legs all the time skating and classic, and on the downhill, just not afraid of going fast,” he said. “The scree is like skiing on rocks.”



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