The University of Alaska Anchorage women’s basketball team is in Seattle. However, two players did not make the trip with the Great Northwest Athletic Conference (GNAC) leaders who will play at rival Seattle Pacific University Thursday. Their seasons are done.


Junior guard Kaitlyn Hurley and junior forward Dominique Thomas have been declared academically ineligible by the university.


UAA representatives said the two failed to maintain a 2.0 grade point average for last semester.


During a phone interview from Seattle, head coach Ryan McCarthy said the decision did not surprise him.


“We were kind of preparing for that, in terms of both of their playing time went down pretty significantly there at the end,” McCarthy explained. “We were experimenting with different kinds of lineups, like I said. It’s good to have Zhara Laster back, because she hasn’t played with us all year. She was a bonus, the silver lining I guess, in this whole thing.”


Hurley averaged 6.4 points a game and Thomas 3.5 points a game.


Both can practice with the team, but are not allowed to travel with the Seawolves. Each will have one year of eligibility remaining when they return next season.


The two are the only UAA athletes declared ineligible.


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