After finishing his senior season with 1,360 yards and 20 touchdowns on the ground, leading his team to a First National Bowl championship win, South running back Justice Augafa earned himself 2014 offensive player of the year honors.

On a defense that demanded respect through the 2014 season, Bartlett’s Archie Lemana led all his teammates with 80 total tackles. He also added four sacks and two fumble recoveries on the season.

Here is a list of all 2014 honorees:

Offensive Player of the Year – Justice Augafa (South)

Defensive Player of the Year – Archie Lemana (Bartlett)

Coach of the Year – Kent Rilatos (Wasilla)

Assistant Coach of the Year – Richard Tuck (Lathrop)

Lineman of the Year – Tarini Tosi (East)

Utility Player of the Year – J.J. Tanuvasa (Dimond)

Deep Snapper of the Year – Adam Christiansen (Palmer)

All State Kick/Punt Returner – Justice Augafa (South)

All State Kicker – Oskar Seglem (South)

2014 All-State offense:

Matt Keogh (South) – Center

Trea Samifua (West) – Guard

Ben Button (Palmer) – Guard

Tarini Tosi (East) – Tackle

Hekili Fomai (Service) – Tackle

Dahlton Wasinkari (Wasilla) – Tackle

Alain Devoe (South) – Tight End

Glenn Maiden (Lathrop) – Quarterback

Zyrelle Jones (Service) – Quarterback

Ben Stewart (Chugiak) – Quarterback

Ethan Falaniko (Bartlett) – Running back

Justice Augafa (South) – Running back

Mosiah Renk (Wasilla) – Running back

Chase Farris (Palmer) – Running back

Travis Phillips (Lathrop) – Running back

Derryk Snell (Chugiak) – Wide Receiver

Trevon Allen (Service) – Wide Receiver

Prince Cooks (West Valley) – Wide Receiver


2014 All-State Defense:

Isaiah Pili (Dimond) – Defensive Tackle

Ben Button (Palmer) – Defensive Tackle

Daniel Jeong (Lathrop) – Defensive Tackle

Jordan Moore (South) – Defensive End

Archie Lemana (Bartlett) – Defensive End

P.J. Seui (West) – Defensive End

Jay Tito (Bartlett) – Linebacker

Chris Lega (Bartlett) – Linebacker

J.J. Tanuvasa (Dimond) – Linebacker

Dave Tuilimu (West) – Linebacker

Marcus Brown (Lathrop) – Linebacker

Sam Cook (South) – Linebacker

Adam Christiansen (Palmer) – Linebacker

Logan Conway (Colony) – Linebacker

Deionta Love (Bartlett) – Defensive Back

Justice Augafa (South) – Defensive Back

Alani Collins (East) – Defensive back

Nathan Barnett (Lathrop) – Defensive Back

Jordan Murchinson (West) – Defensive Back

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