Black bears are waking up early in the Anchorage area. Fish and Game biologist Dave Battle said they’ve received reports of black bears in Kincaid Park, Stuckagain Heights and the Rabbit Creek area.

Battle said one thing he hasn’t heard yet, is reports of bears getting into garbage but, he added, that it’s only a matter of time.

“We know that there is available trash in Anchorage and we know there are bears in Anchorage, so eventually, we are going to have bears in trash.”

So far, all the bears have been spotted in wooded areas. Battle said keeping them out of neighborhoods is the priority. Homeowners can help by cleaning up trash, putting their garbage out the morning of pick-up, feeding pets indoors and taking bird feeders down.

“People would be surprised at how much bears feed from bird feeders,” said Battle. “We always say from April to October bird feeders are bear feeders. Bears like all that stuff that people feed birds.”

Battle said people who let bears get into their trash face a potential fine of $310.

He urged people to call Fish and Game if they spot a bear getting into any kind of food supplied by humans. He said bears that make a habit of that often end up dead. Fish and Game also wants to know if anyone sees a brown bear in the Anchorage Bowl. The number to call is 907-267-2137

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