Hockey may be about scoring goals and stopping shots, but to a commissioner it’s about another set of digits — dollars.

While visiting Anchorage over the weekend, ECHL commissioner Brian McKenna sat down with KTVA’s Dave Leval and discussed a range of topics which usually boomeranged back to finances.

Regarding the Aces’ sellout Saturday night, their first of the season, McKenna was encouraged.

“That tells me, in this case, the Aces are still very relevant in the market,” he said.

As a whole, the league averaged about 4,300 fans per game.

“So, with the returning teams, we’re basically flat, we’re within one percent of where we were last year. We’re obviously not happy with that,” McKenna said.

But in Alaska, where the state has taken a hit with a bottoming out due to oil prices, he understands the difficult financial situation.

“I know it’s been a tough economy here in Alaska, that certainly puts a pinch on the disposable income folks have to spend on hockey games or other events for that matter,” McKenna said.

The Aces’ season came to a close Saturday, but the team is already peeking ahead to the spring and summer in efforts to raise their numbers, which in turn will lift the league’s average.

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