Alaskans looking for a bear hide or a nice set of moose antlers look forward to the Hides and Horns Auction at Fur Rendezvous every year. The furs and antlers up for bid belonged to animals that were either hit by a car, hunted illegally or taken in self defense. It’s a chance for the Alaska Wildlife Troopers to get rid of hides they’ve confiscated and make a profit.

“We had a guy here years ago that had got attacked by a brown bear and [it] tore him up pretty bad, and he came in here and actually bid on the bear that tried to kill him,” said Wild Bill with the Alaska Trappers Association.

This year’s auction, held on Sunday, featured 16 brown bear hides, more than 30 black bear hides, 35 sets of moose antlers, some caribou antlers, six salted beaver hides, and a musk ox hide.

Some antlers went for as little as $30 dollars and one pair sold for $775 dollars. Bear hides, depending on the size and condition of the fur, went for anywhere between a couple hundred dollars to a couple thousand.

Richard Person, with the Alaska Trappers Association, pointed out a black bear cub hide they expected to sell for a hefty price.

“You can’t shoot a black bear in its first year alive, so this one was killed some way, I don’t know, so it’s a rare piece because you can’t legally acquire those on your own,” he explained. “So this is the only way you can get them, at an auction like this.”

The Alaska Trappers Association is putting on its own auction March 19. Unlike Sunday’s auction, the hides will be from trappers. More information can be found here.

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