A moose gave birth in the parking lot of the East Anchorage Lowe’s Tuesday, drawing a crowd to watch as her baby took its first steps.

Katherine Warren said she alerted security to the newborn and its mother when she spotted them while shopping with her family. She said Lowe’s staff and security at Tikahtnu Commons created a safe zone around the moose, even blocking a section of the store-front driving area.

“Seeing the way she’s been acting — not so much angry, but you can tell she’s just kind of like a little scared and timid and doesn’t know what to think of everything, because everybody has been showing up around the area,” she said, explaining the protective barrier. “It is exciting, it’s a new life, you know, so it’s very exciting, but at the other end, she needs her privacy.”

Bystanders watched the pair for hours, excited to have the chance see the newborn. One mother used the opportunity to create a teaching moment for her two sons.

“It’s amazing to think, like, that is a baby moose, it was probably just born. It looks pretty big, but then think how small that looks in comparison to how big they really get,” she whispered to one of her boys as they watched.

Anchorage police contacted the Alaska Department of Fish and Game about the pair, according to ADFG spokesman Ken Marsh. He said staff were ready on standby to assist security if needed.

The mother and newborn eventually began to wander off through the parking lot, stopping every so often to rest.

KTVA 11’s Daniella Rivera contributed to this report.