There’s already been one avalanche-related death near the Arctic Man event this year, and the Alaska Avalanche Information Center warns there could be more.

On Sunday, a snowmachiner triggered an avalanche in the Hoodoo mountains. He made it out alive, but his riding partner, Claire Sundgren, was buried and killed.

Claire Sundgren

Claire Sundgren

Avalanche forecasters say riders need to be aware of slab avalanches and wind-loaded cornices, overhanging snow near Paxson and Summit Lake. They also warn snowmachiners should take caution, because an avalanche was triggered Tuesday.

It was a close call, but no one got hurt.

The AAIC has a team of forecasters in the area checking snow conditions.

“We don’t want to see people in these terrain traps,” said Debra mcghan, AAIC executive director. “We saw an obvious avalanche and just one ridge over, we saw people high-marking and that’s very concerning because if this ridge will avalanche, so will that one.”

They say the current level is “considerable,” and that they’ve already seen some Wednesday.

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