It’s lunch time for Jake Songer and his family at the Alaska State Fair.

The Songers have worked up quite an appetite coming from their home in the Kenai Peninsula. They have also found themselves amongst a lot of company in line at M.A.’s Gourmet Dogs.

Employees at the hot dog stand show they can handle the pressure as they keep up with the orders.

“Honestly, it’s the passion of what I do,” said the shop’s owner Michael Anderson. “I believe in what I do, not necessarily serving the public, but, I love, especially the kids. I’m just passionate about what I’m doing, believe what I’m doing.”

Corn on the cob is a big seller at the fair, but there are other vegetables to sink your teeth into if you crave something else.

Sally Koppenberg, owner of Bistro Red Beet, is preparing a stuffed loaf. She mixes fresh beets with fruits and vegetables, such as pickled tomatoes and blueberries, and stuffs them into a loaf.

“It’s full of antioxidants, detoxins, it’s great for your liver,” Koppenberg said.

Fair food that’s good for you? You can’t “beet” that.

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