Alaska has more Star Wars and Star Trek fans than any other state in the nation, Movoto blog says.

The Last Frontier is home to the most Star Wars fans and came in second for the highest number of Trekkies, the California-based real estate brokerage site says in an article published Sept. 11.

Movoto reached their conclusion by examining what percentage of each state’s population “liked” the two science-fiction franchises on Facebook.

“Maybe it’s because Alaska looks like Hoth for a lot of the year. Maybe it’s because you have the best view of the stars out of anywhere in the U.S,” the article says. “No matter the reason, this state was more into these two iconic franchises than any other place on our list.”

About five percent of Alaskans “liked” the Star Wars trilogy and nearly seven percent used the social media website to express their love for one or both series.

The Pacific Northwest ranked well, Movoto says. Washington came is second and Oregon took third. Nationally, Star Wars fans far outnumbered Trekkies in every state, “most of the time by a ratio of 3 to 1,” Movoto said.

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