Brittney Kauffman spends her weekdays as a medical assistant at a neurologist’s office. In her free time, she’s an artist. Her creative interests fill a wide spectrum; she has spent time painting, crocheting and making jewelry. Her latest ambition, however, is making coloring books for adults.

“A lot of people these days don’t stop to have fun,” said Kauffman. “Or, they think they’re too old for it.”

Coloring books for grown-ups have become popular in the past few years. Kauffman says artistic expression is a more productive way to relax than watching TV or browsing the Internet.

“It does relieve stress … hours will pass and I won’t realize it,” she said.

Kauffman’s first book, titled “Finding Alaska,” was published in June. A second version, called “Finding Alaska Again,” was released in August. Each one contains nearly two dozen drawings of Alaska animals decorated with elaborate patterns. The drawings take up to five hours for Kauffman to create.

“It puts a huge smile on my face,” she said.

Besides being an artist, Kauffman is an avid reader. She said “it only makes sense” that she decided to create a coloring book. When she talks with people who have bought the books, she said she’s glad to help people “[get] in touch with their childhood.”

Kauffman’s books are available at several retailers in the Mat-Su Valley. They are also available for purchase online through Amazon. A link to the books can be found here.

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