Dear Ullr,

I imagine as the Norse God of skiing, snow and archery, climate change is your Kryptonite. How strong you must have to be to fight that ugly beast. I’m sympathetic to your battle, but — get it together. Please bring snow.

These cold, dry, icy, snowless winters are making me as bitter as a rhubarb pie made without any sugar.

Many years ago, a winter like these would have sounded like some sort of anomaly. In early fall, my grandpa used to tease me about how I eager I was for snow and was always happy for me when it fell.

He’d say, “Look at all of that snow out there. Are you excited? I thought of you when it was falling, sweetheart.”

Then he’d probably grumble about having to plow the driveway. But despite that groan of displeasure, I think there was a part of him that loved the snow as much as me, as he never let go of his childlike charm and spirit. And there is something undeniably magical about watching fresh snow fall or picking it up and packing it into a little ball.

Yes, those were good days; days that brought us bountiful snowfalls that took me outside on Thanksgiving Day to shovel the walkway before family arrived, or into the backyard with my brother to build a snow fort, or to an outdoor ice rink to skate with one of my dearest friends.

Are those days over?

My life seems so different now — for better and worse. I’m feeling the angst ‘90s rock bands wrote chart-topping songs about. I need the boost of comfort one feels from a nostalgic moment, that brings me back to a simpler time when my world seemed to move as it should. I need to feel the youthful delight of watching flakes tumble out of the sky and coat the ground.

I hope you can help. I’m putting my faith in you, Ullr. My studies have told me you’re the stepson of Thor and carry many warrior like characteristics. If anything is strong enough to make it snow, you can.

I promise you, I’ll do my part. I’ll scold anyone who dares to make unappreciative remarks for what you give and burn any old, beat up winter gear as a sacrifice to you.

Some people might laugh, but there are proven cases where ski burns have worked before. Last year, Outside magazine reported director Quentin Tarantino requested a burn in Telluride, Colorado, where he was filming “The Hateful Eight” and needed snow. Photos captured actor Samuel L. Jackson tossing a pair of skis into the flames.

The magazine also reported it worked. The weekend following the burn, Ullr responded to their calls with nearly 30 inches of snow in two days, Outside wrote.

Those are the kind of results I hope to see here. I know you can do it — please make it snow. My frail Alaska spirit needs it.

Respectfully submitted to a magnanimous deity from your humble servant,


Megan Edge is a lifelong Alaskan residing in West Anchorage. The views expressed here are not necessarily the views of KTVA. Living Alaska is a regular feature, appearing on, about experiencing the Last Frontier through the outdoors.

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