Alaskans hungry for a career in the culinary arts don’t have to look very far.


Wednesday, Cari-Ann Ketterling with Alaska Process Industry Career Consortium and Rachel Saul, manager and part-owner of Fire Island Bakery in Anchorage, joined Daybreak to serve up a solution to those looking for a career in the Culinary Arts field.


NANA Management Services has approximately 120 positions open every other month. The majority of them are food service jobs such as catering coordinator, remote kitchen helper and cook. General manager positions in this area can make up to $90,000 per year.


Those looking for training have plenty of training options to choose from across the state.


“There’s training all over the state,” Ketterling said. “AV Tech, KCC, UAA, UAF, training in high school. There’s high demand and high career.”


Visit NANA’s employment website to check for job openings in food services.



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