Anchorage – Several airline carriers are planning to worsen their service next year, according to Daybreak’s travel guru Scott McMurren.


“Let’s start right out with a lump of coal for Delta Airlines, shall we,” McMurren said. “Their new basic economy pricing, there’s no advance seat assignment, you’re the last to board. That means you’re in the middle seat and there’s no overhead bins. There’s no upgrades available; there’s no real savings.”


Alaska Airlines plans to start charging extra for exit row and bulkhead seats, elite flyers will still get access to these seats in advance.


Along with a new CEO comes a new strategy for JetBlue, according to McMurren, which includes possibly paying for checked bags. Low pricing should remain the same for the airline.


“I have no doubt that JetBlue will still offer good prices between Anchorage and Seattle and Anchorage to the L.A. area,” McMurren said.


Frontier Airlines is leaving Alaska altogether and taking its planes back to Colorado. This will mean higher fares to Denver for everybody.


What about gas prices?


Lower fuel prices won’t save you money on airfare either.


“There is no correlation between the surcharge and the actual price of gas,”McMurren said. “It’s simply a way for airlines to pad the cost of the tickets.”





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